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Sinks For Small Bathrooms

Are you looking for a suitable sink for a small bathroom? Choosing the right bathroom sink can be quite difficult when dealing with a small bathroom. Sinks are essential materials for the entire bathroom, because they provide more than functioning and as focal point.

Sinks come in many different types of varieties, materials, shapes and designs. Before you buy a sink, make sure you learn about it. Make a good decision about your next sink. Read below for some important things to consider when selecting a suitable sink for a small bathroom.

How to choose a sink for a small bathroom?

1. The material

Sink are available in variety materials such as vitreous china/ fireclay/ porcelain, cast iron, metal, stone, glass, concrete, wood/ bamboo and solid surface. From these materials,  each sink has an advantage and disadvantage.

–          For vitreous china/ fireclay/ porcelain

This type is similar to ceramic. These materials are easy to clean and more durable. Avoid knocking hard enough on the sink surface because it will damage and chip or crack.

Vessel Sinks for Small Bathrooms

Vessel Sinks for Small Bathrooms

–          Cast iron

Cast iron is the most popular choice for a sink. They provide durability and are easy to clean. Cast iron is available in many colors. It is the same as the sink above, if you knock it hard enough it will chip or crack.

Small Sinks for Small Bathrooms

Small Sinks for Small Bathrooms

–          Stone

Use stone sinks for a natural look. They are available in a wide assortment of style and forms. Choose this sink for your small bathroom.

–          Glass

Glass is also a good idea for bathroom sink, because they provide water resistance to shattering and cracking. After you use water, make sure you clean it because hard water deposits can leave spots on glass.

–          Concrete

Choosing this material for sinks is a good idea. Concrete will provide durability and less rust. It is available in many colors and thickness.

–          Wood/ bamboo

To make your bathroom look natural, you can choose bamboo or wood material. Bamboo or wood provides an exotic style for bathroom sinks and is relatively soft to nicking and denting is also possible.

Corner Sinks for Small Bathrooms

Corner Sinks for Small Bathrooms

2. Type of installation

–          Pedestal bathroom sink

These types of sinks are not very trendy but suitable for limited spaces. They feature a wall mounted sink that rests beneath a pedestal .

–          Console bathroom sink

This is similar with the wall mounted sink but different because they are supported by two legs mounted at the front of the sink.

–          Vessel bathroom sinks

Simple sink installation. It is just a standing bowl that sits on your vanity. They come in a wide variety of design. Choose the right design that suits with your space.

Console Sinks for Small Bathrooms

Console Sinks for Small Bathrooms

–          Self rimming, top mount, and drop in

This is a stylish and popular design you can choose. They are placed into a cutout at the top of the bathroom vanity cabinet.

–          Wall mounted sinks

Types of these sinks are mounted into the wall. You can select the wall mounted sink to save valuable space. They were specifically designed for bathrooms with limited space.

3. Type of configuration

What bathroom sink design do you prefer? Before you select the bathroom sink, you should also match it with the correct type of faucet in your bathroom.

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