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Bathroom Counter Top Ideas

Are you getting bored with your bathroom appearance? Yeah, that is normal, because you are often going to constantly see the same tired look in your bathroom. Remodeling can be the great way to change the overall look of bathroom. That can be overwhelming because remodeling comes with many decisions such as flooring, color themes, light fixtures and bathroom vanities.

One part of the bathroom vanity is the counter top. Bathroom counter tops are usually completed with sinks. Today, there are various types of countertops, in many colors and materials. Get the right countertops that will fit your budget as well as your tastes.

Here are some suggestions of the most popular bathroom countertop ideas. Check this out!

Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Granite

Granite is a classic and beautiful choice of bathroom countertops. However, this countertop has a price range that depends on the sizes and the availability of granite market prices. Today, granite countertops are available in many patterns and colors. It is also very durable, hard and unique in each piece. Some people believe that granite countertops can emit radiation. But, that is seems to be inconclusive.

DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas

DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Ceramic Tile

Bring personality and individual style to your bathroom with ceramic tile countertops. This countertop is easy to clean, resistant from water and durable for many years. This countertop is very versatile and available in many shapes, patterns and colors. In most areas that are often exposed to water, use a grout sealer.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Cultured Marble

The most common bathroom countertops are cultured marble. This countertop can be formed into any shape and available in many colors. It is one of the most popular countertops because cultured marble comes in a low price.



Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Real Marble

Other popular options for bathroom countertops is real marble. Real marble is a natural stone and dirt and stains can easily be cleaned. Constant sealing is needed to prevent the countertops from staining. Real marble has veins running through the color of it, which gives it a unique design.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is made from 5 percent polymer resin and 95 percent quartz, so it is not a stone slab. This countertop can provide protection is anti microbial, low maintenance, and does not require sealing.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas Photos

Bathroom Countertop Ideas Photos

Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Solid Surface

The high-priced¬†option for bathroom countertops are solid surface countertops. Why is it so high-priced? The solid surface is resistant from stains, it is durable, and most importantly, non‚Äďporous. Any scratches and minor cuts can be buffed away because it is colored¬†throughout. You can choose many colors and patterns with the solid surface countertops. But, they are not heat-resistant like the natural stone.

Bathroom Counter Top Designs

Bathroom Counter Top Designs

Bathroom Countertop Ideas: Solid Glass

Create a contemporary bathroom by installing solid glass countertops. If they are lit from underneath, solid glass can be a modern and contemporary option for bathroom countertops. You can choose the solid glass depending on colors, patterns, and transparencies.

Whatever the countertop ideas you choose, be sure it fits your personality tastes as well as your budget. Good luck!

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