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Dimensions of a Standard Bathroom Stall

The bathroom stalls in new buildings should follow the standard dimensions of bathroom stalls. Ideal bathroom stall dimensions should be in comfortable sizes for all people. The standard bathrooms stall follows The American with Disabilities Act or ADA requirement. Typically, the commercial bathroom stall should set the minimum size that was created by ADA. The American with Disabilities ACT of 1990 has the accessibility regulations that set the ideal size for commercial bathroom stalls that can serve people with disabilities. That is because disabled people also use the commercial bathroom stalls.

Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Stall Size

The width of standard bathroom stalls needs to be at least 1525 mm or 60 inches and 59 inches long. If a wall mounted toilet fixture is used, the length of bathroom stalls can be reduced to 56 inches. But, the commercial bathroom should provide a 36 inch stall with a parallel grab. This bathroom stalls dimensions are special for some people who use crutches, canes or walkers. They can easily use a stall that is 36 inches wide with two parallel grab bars. Because, the position of grab bars is too far apart at 60 inches in the stalls.

What is the minimum width of a bathroom stall

What is the minimum width of a bathroom stall

Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Grab Bars

The bathroom stall grab bar should be placed behind the water closet and needs to be at least 965 mm or 36 inches long. One end shouldn’t exceed 305 mm or 12 inches and the other shouldn’t be more than 150 mm or 6 inches. From the back wall, it should be at least 12 inches, and from the inner corner of the stall it should be at least 6 inches.

Dimensions of a Standard Toilet Stall

Dimensions of a Standard Toilet Stall

Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Urinals

The urinals in commercial bathroom stalls can be wall mounted or stall type. Above the floor, the urinals should have an elongated rim at a maximum of 17 inches. Remember, the urinal shouldn’t be hung to exceed 17 inches above the floor. The commercial bathrooms stall should provide a clear floor space in front of the urinal of at least 30 inches by 48 inches. This floor space has the purpose to allow users to easily use the urinals. The flush controls shouldn’t be more than 44 inches above the floor.

Bathroom Dimensions

Bathroom Dimensions

Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Doors

The standard bathroom stall should have doors that can swing outward. Commercial bathroom stalls are also used by individuals with wheelchairs. So, the stall doors can easily be closed and not hard to open. The stall doors should be provided with pull bars, and closers or spring hinges on the inside surface of the door.

Bathroom Design Tools & Standard Sizes To Consider - The Fun Times

Bathroom Design Tools & Standard Sizes To Consider – The Fun Times

Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Faucets

The type of faucets in bathroom stalls can be in the number of varieties. The faucets can be either the push type, automatic, the lever type or the touch type. Make sure the faucets are easily to use. The stream of water has to run at least ten seconds if the bathroom stalls install the automatic faucet.

The bathroom stall dimensions are important to know before building an ideal bathroom stall in a commercial area or building. A good bathroom stall should follow the minimum size that refers to the ADA requirements.

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