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How to Remodel Commercial Bathroom Stalls

                Office areas or buildings often have commercial bathroom stalls. This bathroom is provided as a sanitary place in commercial areas. Sometimes, people do not want use the commercial bathrooms because the issues of germs and bacteria that dwell in those areas. That is because commercial bathrooms are used by many different people throughout the day. Always make sure always wash your hands after using commercial bathrooms!

It is important to remodel commercial bathroom stalls that have ADA requirements. That is because individuals with disabilities also use these bathroom stalls. So, make the commercial bathroom stalls more comfortable and accessible is the main purpose.

Think again if you don’t want to add a commercial toilet to your business. The health inspector won’t pass the inspection if you just put a sink and toilet in your bathroom. There are a number of things you should  understand and know about remodeling a commercial bathroom stall.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls Specifications

How to Remodel a Commercial Bathroom

How to Remodel a Commercial Bathroom

The commercial bathroom should be designed in ADA guidelines. The standard  commercial bathroom doors must be a minimum of 32 inches wide, that is preferred in the American with Disabilities Act or ADA. These wide of doors can allow room for individuals with disabilities in wheelchairs. The doors are required to swing in both ways or swing out. The doors can easily accommodate disabled people to use bathroom and protect them from any accident.

The commercial bathroom stalls should have door handles that are not hard to open. Keep in mind about the handicapped individuals when building commercial bathroom stalls. The sinks in the bathroom should have enough room for the knees underneath and can be reached from a sitting position. Generally, much wider and larger commercial bathroom stalls are often used. In larger commercial buildings, they may need more than just one of bathroom stalls. Be sure the stalls require enough space to move with a wheelchair. To aid the movement of handicap individuals, the commercial bathroom stalls should have strong railings on both sides.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls Flooring

Commercial Bathroom Stalls Resources

Commercial Bathroom Stalls Resources

To create the comfortable feeling on commercial bathroom, the flooring should in durable and economical. The safety of the commercial bathroom stalls also the important things. Make sure the flooring is not easy slippery and can withstand high traffic area like a commercial bathroom.

Ceramic tile is a good choice for a commercial bathroom. However, ceramic tile is resistant from moisture and humidity. It is also comes in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls Color Scheme

Commercial Bathroom Specifications

Commercial Bathroom Specifications

The commercial bathroom stalls are usually painted in neutral colors. Vibrant and bright colors can show dirt unlike the natural colors. Natural colors are also easier to clean with products that disinfect commercial bathrooms. Gray is a great color for commercial bathroom stalls, and this color will not show up any dirt.

Automatic Flushing in Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom Stall Dimensions - STALL DIMENSIONS Bathroom Home

Bathroom Stall Dimensions – STALL DIMENSIONS Bathroom Home

Install automatic flushing in the commercial bathroom. Some people with disabilities often cannot touch the handle, so automatic flushing can help. The purpose of automatic flushing is for less cleaning time.

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