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Small Bathroom Design Makeovers

Before you go to bed or after you wake up, surely the room that will you visit first is the bath room. Before going to bed, you will surely wash up your face or brush your teeth. The bathroom is one of the most vital rooms that you must have in your house. Sometimes we feel that our bathroom is cramped or outdated, so you can consider making it over. With the right ways, you can make your cramped or outdated bathroom become a large and satisfied statement. So you can feel enjoy taking a bath or when doing anything inside it.

Here you can find some ideas for a small bathroom, it will inspire those of you who are trying to make over a small bath room.

Colors and Accessories

Small Bathroom Makeover

Small Bathroom Makeover

The very first idea to make over the small bath room is about the colors and accessories. You must to choose the right color that will make your bathroom lighter and look larger. You can select blue, color pastels, greens or pink. And then you can use them for storage to take advantage of your countertops and walls, for example you can place a small basket or hang shelves on the walls. Complement your bath room by light-colored towels and area rugs.

Optical Illusions

How to Decorate & Makeover Your Small Bathroom

How to Decorate & Makeover Your Small Bathroom

The second idea for making over your small bath room is the optical illusions. You can make your bath room look larger than it really is by using mirrors and light. There is some example for it, maybe you can install the mirrored doors in a shower or closet, or you also can hang a wide and tall mirror above the vanity. Or even better, how about combine both of them together?  And then another element that you have to consider is light, light also will make your bathroom look larger.



For this you can get the light from the natural light from the sun, this may be used just for the afternoon. So, if that is possible, you can insert a skylight or window. But it doesn’t mean that you have to use it for adding to the light for your bathroom; you can also illuminate the room with strategically placed fixtures. For the example, track or recessed lighting placed above the mirror and vanity, toilet, shower, so you can get your larger bathroom that it actually is.

Sink and vanity

Bathroom Design, Bathroom Ideas, Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Design, Bathroom Ideas, Bathroom Décor

Finally, the sink and vanity is the last idea to make over the small bathroom to give it a larger look. Maybe yes if you have a really large bathroom to use the vanity, but if you have a small bathroom, one key to make your bathroom look larger is storage. The vanity will maximize the space in your bathroom. It will be better if you consider choosing a pedestal sink, and it also stylish for your bathroom, and it also is the space-saving choice.

So, now you have some ideas to continuing your plan to make over your bathroom. And surely you also have another way to make your bathroom look larger. You can combine the ideas above with your ideas, and you will absolutely get a great result.

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