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Creative Wall Painting Ideas for the Living Room

                Many homeowners get confused when painting their new living room. It is a classic problem. Some of them don’t know about the effects of colors. Sometimes, only having one color scheme in a living room can make homeowners very bored quickly.

Adding a bit of painting ideas can go a long way. That can quickly dress up and beautify the overall look of your living room. A few painting ideas for living rooms below will guide you to begin your painting project.

Choosing the Color of Painting Ideas for Living Room

Wall Paint Colors 2012

Wall Paint Colors 2012

Colors have the magic to change the overall look and feel of the room. Colors are look like a flavor of ice cream, they can give a more than decorative function in the room, but also give a taste in the room. Different colors schemes also give off a different mood.

Choose the proper main color on your living room to achieve the mood you want. Normally, the living room should have a comfortable, inviting and entertaining feel. So, you should find the right color to achieve these moods.

The great color shades for your living room is the combination of neutral colors such as white, black, brown, cream, and gray. This is a favorite color shade all the time for living rooms. For example, use cream as a main color on the wall and combine it with a white door and windows and dark brown hardwood furniture. That gives the fresh and soft feelings of the island in your living room.

Another color paintings idea for the living room is cool shades. Cool shades include blue, green and violet. Some people believe that cool shades have the ability to increase the freshness of the room.

Creative Stencil Design Patterns 2011

Creative Stencil Design Patterns 2011

You can also paint the walls of the living rooms in two tones. Keep one side of room with calm colors and paint the other side with a ‚Äúwow‚ÄĚ color. For the example, try to paint the one side of the living room with gray shades and try a deep red on the other side. This combination of colors¬†will make the¬†room¬†really feel interesting and entertaining.

Take a note to avoid any dark shades as the main colors in a small living room. If you have a small living room, you better go with a bright color scheme.

The Faux Finishing in Painting Ideas for Living Room

30 Remarkable Paint Ideas For Living Room

30 Remarkable Paint Ideas For Living Room

Faux finishing looks like a special effect made in the movies. It can give a textural look on the walls. If you want to create the look of suede, stone, denim or wood on your walls, you can hire a professional painter to create it. Faux finishing can also give the dimension of the room. It can also give an effect for an airy and light room like magic.

You can find the paint¬†at a¬†local home improvement store such as Lowe’s, Home Depot or Sherwin¬†Williams. Make sure you know about the differences between wood, steel and wall paint. It will help you when it comes to making the paint ideas for your living room become a reality.

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