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Awesome Ideas for Curtains in the Living Room

                One of accessories in the window is the curtain. Besides beautifying the room, curtains can also provide some privacy. Sometimes curtains can be the most important accessory in the room.

Dress up your living room for some style and privacy with some new living room curtains. You might have some questions or be in the need for some ideas when choosing the proper curtains. But don’t worry because we have some awesome ideas for curtains for the living room that we are going to share!

Living Room Curtain Ideas: Color

Awesome Ideas for Curtains in the Living Room

Awesome Ideas for Curtains in the Living Room

Match the rest of the décor in the room with the colors of your living room curtains. The style of your living room also influences the color of the curtains. You should also consider the color scheme of your room when choosing the proper color of living room curtains.

If you like have a contrast color for your living room, you can play with the curtain color with the existing furniture. For example, you can choose some orange curtains with busy patterns that will contrast with your cream sofa. Installing those curtains in your living room will look like you are putting lipstick on a women’s face. Try to have cherry red curtains on the pale tones in the living room. It will be more interesting than installing a pale color curtain.

Living Room Curtains - Truly Lovely

Living Room Curtains – Truly Lovely

If you love a more airy and open feeling in your living room, sheer pale – colored curtains can work well. Sheer – pale colored curtains include pale blue, cream, green and cream. Make sure you complement the color of your rooms. If the color on your existing furniture and walls are working well on the selected curtain colors, that will increase the value of your living room.

Living Room Curtain Ideas: Pattern

Awesome Ideas for Curtains in the Living Room

Awesome Ideas for Curtains in the Living Room

Patterns on the curtains are available in many varieties. These patterns also influence the style in your room. It is also can beautify and attract some peoples attention in the living room. So, choose the right pattern of your living room curtains.

In simple or small living room, usually use plain curtains without any patterns. This is to prevent making a small room look overcrowded. So, if you have a small living room, you better choose a simple plain curtain.

If you want to achieve a retro look in your living room, have an antique telephone screen – printed on the curtain is the bes way. There are many different patterns of curtains you can choose. Match the style and color tones of the living room to make these curtains complement.

Living Room Curtain Ideas: Good Fabrics

5 Awesome Living Rooms Color Themes

5 Awesome Living Rooms Color Themes

There are some good fabrics you can choose for your living room. Check this out!

Sheer fabrics that are hung with heavier draperies look really good in the living room. It gives some privacy but can also allow the natural light into the room. Sheer fabrics give a lightweight look to the living room.

Country style décor works well on cotton fabrics. These fabrics work well as valances in living rooms. Cottons are easy to clean and dry, and they also can hold up for a long time.


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