Decorating A Small Apartment Cheap

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Decorating A Small Apartment Cheap

Having your own place to decorate, in a way the expresses your personality, is the best part of living in a small space. Before you can start decorating any living space you must do a needs checklist. Without this list, decorating can be very costly. Mainly because your emotions are going to play a part in spending unnecessary money while shopping.

decorating-a-studio-apartment-on-a-budget Decorating-Small-Apartments-on-a-Budget

One of the best ways to decorate a studio apartment is to map out your spaces on a piece of paper. The specs do not have to be exact, you just need to have a mental picture of the room layout. Some studio apartments come with basic furniture and others do not. So, depending on the type of studio that you are decorating, tailor your list accordingly. The best ways to decorate a studio apartment kitchen area is with a toaster oven and an electric skillet. The skillet will allow you to cook things without having to buy a set of pots and pans, and the toaster oven will allow you to make more than just toast. If there is no bed, then a futon can pull double duty. A bistro set will allow you to dine in style, and can double as a work space. And last but not least a coffee table with storage drawers. You want to be able to store things, like your laptop, in an unseen location.


If you are in the market for small living room decorating ideas on a budget, then read on. When decorating a living room comfort has to be high on your list. Nothing creates comfort like throw pillows, an ottoman, and a comfortable loveseat. Books can play a part in dressing up a space also. Buying books whose topics of are interest to you, can be a fun way to decorate your living room. These books can be purchase rather inexpensively from a local library, they sale obsolete and donated books. Or they can be purchased from thrift stores in stacks for just a few dollars. Window dressings can make small living room decorating ideas on a budget seem impossible. But, if you are handy with a sewing machine, then you can minimize that expense greatly. Decide what your natural light preferences are, then shop for the material. If you like a lot of nautral light, then look for materials that are sheer or lace. If you like it dark when the curtains are pulled then look for heavier materials like cotton blends or polyester blends. Always check the sale bins first, you might just find what your looking for.


Knowing how to decorate a small apartment cheap is not a hard thing to learn. The best method is to prioritize your needs on a sheet of paper and stick to it. Know that you will always be tempted, but stick to the list. Use the internet to research furniture styles based on your needs and window shop your prices. Sometimes, the best deal is in the store on pieces they want to move, and other times ebay, amazon, or craigslist might do the trick. That is how to decorate a small apartment cheap.

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