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How to Paint a Bathtub

Are you getting bored with your bathtub? Is your bathtub looking dull and old?  That can be normal because with age, a bathtub can become discolored and not look attractive. Your bathtub now is not same as the first time you got it. Your bathtub is now yellowed, chipped and scratched everywhere.

Replacing it with new one can be a great option. But, purchasing a new bathtub can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive tricks to make your bathtub as good as new. Bring your bathtub back to life with a simple coat of paint. Painting your bathtub can hide the scratches and chips.

You do not need a professional to assist you in painting. You can do it yourself because painting a bathtub is not that difficult and relatively easy. But, you need follow the steps carefully because it takes, time, effort and patience. Learn more about the steps below to help you paint a bathtub.

How to Repaint Your Bathtub

How to Repaint Your Bathtub

How to Paint a Bathtub: Things you will need


Bathroom chemical cleaner


Steel wool


Palm sander


Rust remover


Chemical bonding agent


Paint gun or spray gun


Microfiber towel






Acrylic-based paint


Acrylic-based primer


Acrylic top coat

How to Repaint Bathtub

How to Repaint Bathtub

How to Paint a Bathtub: steps

1. Preparation.

Make sure you have the bathtub paint and kits. Choose the color of paint you want to apply on your bathtub. Bathtub paints are available in any local home improvement stores or on-line.

2. Clean up.

Clean the entire surface of the bathtub with a chemical cleaner. Chemical cleaners are used to remove any dirt, oil and soap scum. You can use a strong cleaner with an alcohol base. You can also use an alternative cleaner such as acetone or alcohol. Use steel wool to scrub the rust off the bathtub. Rinse the chemical cleaner and allow it to dry.

How to Paint Your Bathtub

How to Paint Your Bathtub

3. Sand the bathtub surface.

Use a palm sander to sand the entire surface of your bathtub. The purpose of this step is to smooth away the surface and make sure the paint will adhere perfectly.

4. Cover the other surface.

To prevent the other area from getting painted, tape paper over the area to cover it. The areas that you are not planning to paint probably include the floor around the bathtub, the faucet and the cold and hot water knobs.

5. Apply a bonding agent.

If you are painting tile or porcelain, use chemical bonding agent to cover the surface of the bathtub. This steps purpose is to make the paint adhere better. Take a microfiber towel and splash the bonding agent. And then rub over the surface of your bathtub.

How to Paint Old Bathtub

How to Paint Old Bathtub

6. Acrylic agent.

Use acrylic-based primers and paints to prime the tub. These acrylic agents can withstand the excess moisture and are easy to apply. Prepare your primer in paint gun. Apply it in more than one layer. Cover the layer with the use of an acrylic-based paint. This paint can dry in up 48 hours.

7. Finish it!

Give the durable finish on your bathtub about two or three coats of an acrylic top coat. This coat can also prevent the paint from chipping.

Overall, the steps above are generally recommended as an alternative way to get a new appearance in your bathroom. Good Luck!

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