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About Germs in Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most places in the entire home that gets a lot of traffic. It is also have high of humidity and moisture. The condition of the bathroom can invite the bacteria and germs. Bathrooms are the perfect place such as the heaven of germs and bacteria to grow up.

Germs in bathroom can cause disease on the people. That’s why it is important to regularly clean your bathroom and toilet.There are some types of germs in bathroom you should know.

Types of germs in bathrooms

Germs in School Bathrooms

Germs in School Bathrooms

1. E-coli,

this germ is usually found in toilet. That is because E-coli usually found in the intestinal tracks and feces of humans. E-coli are good bacteria, but it can be harm because some strains produce toxins. Humans can get disease because the toxins of a few strains of E-coli. A human that infected by E-coli poisoning will have some symptoms, such as; stomach cramps, mild fevers, diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms can disappear in a week. So, you must clean your toilet regularly to avoid the E-coli poisoning. Besides transmitted trough feces, E-coli can infect humans by eating raw beef that have contaminated with feces.

Hands on yellow gloves cleaning a WC

Hands on yellow gloves cleaning a WC

2. Salmonella,

animals and humans usually have this germ in their gut. If you are not washing your hands after using toilet or not close the toilet lid before flushing, you can get sick because salmonellosis. If the salmonellosis is ingested by humans, it can cause disease. Headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are the symptoms of salmonella poisoning that will recede in a week.

3. Campylobacter,

these bacteria also present in feces of animals such as kittens or puppies. Campylobacter transmitted the poisoning by hand – to –mouth transfer from infected surfaces or people, and eating undercooked food or raw that contaminated by campylobacter. So, always wash your hand or change your clothes after have contact with your pet.

Facts about the germs in bathroom

Dr. Oz Bathroom Germs

Dr. Oz Bathroom Germs

Germs in toilet.

Some people supposed that toilet seat have many of germs. So, they are always coating it with tissue to avoid the germs. But, they are totally wrong! In fact, most germs in bathroom are found on the handle. So, clean your hand after use toilet is the best answer to avoid the germs. In fact, just 67 percent of women and main actually wash their hands after use toilet.

Germs in bathroom surfaces.

Germs not only found in toilet. Bathroom is the perfect place to germs grown in anywhere. Germs that carried by the flush of the toilet are usually found in shelves, cabinet drawers, counters, floors and other flat bathroom surfaces.

Bathroom Bacteria Facts

Bathroom Bacteria Facts

Solution and prevention of germs in bathroom.

Always wash your hand after use bathroom. It is the simple action of prevent the germs in bathroom are ingested and caused disease. Keep your bathroom always clean and fragrant. But, that is not enough to prevent the germs in bathroom. Germs are growing by the moisture in the bathroom, so install an exhaust fan is the great options.

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