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Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling Costs?

When you want to remodeling a bathroom you should really have a detailed budget. This is an essential factor that should be prepared. Make sure you make a good decision about the money that is spent on decorating. By setting a proper budget range you will know exactly how much your bathroom remodel will cost.

The bathroom remodeling cost depends on your project, whether you want to hire professional or do it yourself.

If you are experienced in bathroom remodeling you can do it yourself. DIY is always a good idea to save the money. Understanding the entire remodeling process will give you a better understanding for the bathroom decoration. Your budget will be substantially smaller when doing it yourself. If you are not that experienced, maybe you can do little remodeling yourself such as painting the walls, prepping the flooring, or installing the cabinets.

Portland Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Portland Bathroom Remodeling Cost

If you aren’t to going to do yourself, you can ask professional to help you with the bathroom remodeling. Ask a reputable contractor because they usually are experienced in bathroom remodeling as well. Besides helping you in remodeling, they can also help you with the best solutions for your bathroom design.

In making the details in any budget, there are specifications you should consider. The main things for a bathroom remodel are cost of labor, fixtures, and mechanical. And don’t forget to prepare an extra budget for those unexpected costs.

Low Cost Bathroom Remodeling

Low Cost Bathroom Remodeling

When you are looking for the appliances when bathroom remodeling, you can browse online at or By checking out those sites on line, you can get a great idea of what you are looking for. Then compare the price ranges of appliances the local hardware store with their on line stores. Sometimes it is cheaper to order them on line, rather than going into the store. Choose the right appliance that is affordable with your budget.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Here is how much of a budget you should allocate for a typical bathroom remodel:

Wall and ceilings: The average for walls and ceilings is 5 percent


Countertops: The estimate cost of countertops is 7 percent


Fixtures: Total of all fixtures is around 15 percent


Cabinetry and hardware: For cabinetry and hardware you should prepare to spend around 16 percent


Labor: Cost range to hire a professional is around 20 percent


Floor:  The estimate cost for flooring is about 9 percent


Faucets and plumbing:  The average cost for plumbing is usually around 14 percent


Doors and windows: The estimate cost for doors and windows is around 4 percent


Lighting and ventilation: It just depends on the light that you want to use for bathroom remodeling. It is around 5 percent.


Design fees: The average cost is around 4 percent.


Other: Other is meant for unexpected costs that can be used for other needs. 1 percent.


Average Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Average Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

So, make a detailed budget for your bathroom remodeling costs as shown above before you begin the remodeling. Thank you

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