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Bob’s Furniture Locations

There is a good place for shopping furniture now. You can bring the entire family to the nearest bob’s furniture locations. Bob’s furniture offers many kinds of items that your home needs to look gorgeous and comfortable. Usually, after doing heavy activities all day, furniture gives us a nice place to rest. The function of furniture is not only that, it also can make our house look beautiful inside. Usually, if the owner feels comfortable in their own house then the guests also will feel the same.  Now, let’s go make your house beautiful!

Bobs furniture stores

Bobs furniture stores

For some people, maybe buying furniture is a hard thing to do because it is hard to find on a limited budget.  But, it is different at bob’s furniture. The furniture that is offered in their store is always sold at an affordable price. The styles of furniture that they offer are also available in many options like contemporary, casual, modern and many more. You can choose the best furniture that is suitable with your personality. So, what are you waiting for? Free your imagination to give yourself the furniture you’ve always dreamed of!

Locations Bobs Discount Furniture

Locations Bobs Discount Furniture

Bob’s furniture offers financing programs to those who want buy furniture in their store. If you are interested, you can apply. The interest is not high, and for more information about their financing programs, stop in any of Bob’s Furniture Locations. The furniture that is offered at Bob’s Furniture Locations are living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, mattresses, home accents, entertainment centers, and home office furniture. There are many options of furniture in each category so you can decide which furniture that you want to buy. If you do not have time to visit the store directly, you can visit their website. There you can see pictures of furniture that they offer in their store, the sale days and the price of the furniture itself.

Bobs Furniture

Bobs Furniture

The design of the furniture in the store is unique, dynamic and awesome. You will not regret buying some of their furniture. Besides, they also offer famous brand furniture from big manufacturers in their stores. If you have time to visit their store, Bob’s Furniture Locations are available in some places. They are :


  • Bridgeport

815 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport


  • Bellingham

221 Hartford Avenue- RT 126, Crossroads Shopping Center, Bellingham


  • Hyattsville

2950 Belcrest Center Drive, Hyattsville


  • South Portland

Retail and Clearance “Pit” Center, 333 Clarks Pond Parkway, South Portland

New Hampshire

  • Manchester

1875 South Willow Street, Manchester

New Jersey

  • North Plainfield

Retail and Clearance “Pit” Center, 970 Route 22 East, North Plainfield

New York

  • Bronx

Co-Op City, Bay Plaza Shopping Center, 2146 Bartow Avenue, Bronx

Rhode Island

  • Warwick

Retail and Clearance “Pit” Center, 1500 Bald Hill Road, Warwick


  • Fairfax

Greenbriar Shopping Center, 13055A Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax

For more detailed information about their locations, you can check out their website. Above are some of the many places of Bobs’s Furniture Locations.

Bobs Furniture Locations

Bobs Furniture Locations

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