Home Depot Paints Colors Samples and Ideas Reader/Buyer. 4.5

Home Depot Paints Colors Samples and Ideas

Home Depot Paints Colors Samples and Ideas

Paint Colors & Paint Samples at The Home Depot

Paint Colors & Paint Samples at The Home Depot

                When decorating your new home or redecorating your existing home, the easy way to change the look of your home is painting. Change your existing color scheme with something new to create different atmosphere. Well, you can change the look of your home based on the seasonal. Here are several ideas of color palettes from Home Depot. Let’s check this out!

Home Depot Paints Colors Samples and Ideas: Seasonal Colors Samples

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Home Depot is always updating the new colors schemes ideas for their costumer. For example, for this spring, Home Depot offers the new colors schemes, such as Coral Splendor, Orchid Coast, Woven Indigo, and Garden Party. For Coral Splendor palette there is combining of unique and attractive colors. When rich coral and neutral creams are combining with the orange, it will warm up your room.

In Orchid Coast color palette you will find the relaxation atmosphere. There is a combination of clear turquoise wall, dark brown, and the lush purples.

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If you are looking for ‘50s-inspired’ color palette, it is recommended to see the Garden Party palette. While taupe and soft gray add depth and balance, the bright yellow and grass green will add flair on your room.

Paint your trim and the display nook the same rich, soft color to add warmth and tranquility to any room in your home. Woven Indigo color palette allows you to create a striking look that will blend perfectly and add elegant look.

Home Depot Paints Colors Samples and Ideas: BEHR Inspirational Color Palettes

Home Depot actually sells the BEHR paint collections. There are several BEHR Color Palettes at Home Depot, include Autumnal Accent, Wintry Collection, and Summer Shades.

Autumnal Accents BEHR color palette is including five BEHR interior color paints, Grape Leaves, Meadow Flower, Mesmerize, Iced Tea, and Yellow Gold. These colors are commonly found in farmers markets, fields, and gardens. Autumnal Accents color palette can create cool look and fresh-air.


Behr Paint and Wood Stain - House Paint and Wood Stains

Behr Paint and Wood Stain – House Paint and Wood Stains

Summer Shades BEHR color palette is included several BEHR interior color paints, such as Lively Tune, Sand Dollar White, Windsong, Rivers Edge, and Shell Coral. The Summer Shades color palette can create the beach look with a tropical mix of sun-kissed, breezy colors.

There are four BEHR interior color paints in Wintry Collection include Haunting Melody, Bitter Briar, Distant Thunder, and Down Pour. Create brightness and comfort feel with mysterious red and dark mustard, while make protective and close atmosphere with heavy brown and winter gray.

Home Depot Paints Colors Samples and Ideas: YOLO Colorhouse Color Palettes

Besides BEHR color palettes, Home Depot also offers YOLO Colorhouse Color Palettes, such as Farmers Market, Edge of Night, Picnic Palette, Dusk to Dawn, and Green Steward.

For inviting and warm spaces, Farmers Market color palette has earthy, rich, and saturated colors from luscious home food gardens and vibrant farmers’ markets.

Without ever leaving your home, Edge of Night color palette will help you to escape from the day stresses by envisioning the ambience of a night out.

In home décor, create a fresh look from Picnic Palette with light blues, greens, and sunny yellows.

For modern feel, you can choose Dusk to Dawn color palette with the dark purple and other soft, mysterious colors.

Let’s go green with Green Steward color palette that has tranquil and simplicity warmth of cooler shades.


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